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 Private Piano Lessons in the Hills area of Sydney


Piano lessons focuses on the teaching of musical and artistic skills involved in playing the piano effectively. Liliya offers private piano lessons in the Hills area of Sydney  to individual piano students.

There are many approaches, but the approach that results in the most effective piano lessons is an all-inclusive approach which integrates as many aspects of music-making as possible at once. 

 Liliya’s approach is a four step approach which has proven to be effective and successful:

  1. The first task at the beginning of a student’s study is the introduction of listening (“ear training”) to quality performances of music, as a means for preparing the student to the meaning of music.
  2. The next step is teaching the “rhythm” which is very important for the student to be able to learn a piece accurately and also to perform a practiced piece with confidence.
  3. Following the rhythm, Liliya teaches “sight reading” which is the reading and performing of a piece of written music, specifically when the student has not seen it before. Through this stage, Liliya teaches students to recognize intervals, patterns, note reading and the ability to internalize rhythm.
  4. Liliya’s final challenge is to teach the students “memorization” which is the process of committing the students to memorise. Memorization is useful to perform a piece confidently. It gives the student ability and freedom to experience the music.

Piano lessons with Liliya is a rewarding experience for all the students.